Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

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Being a mother and an early childhood educator myself, I value the information that this book has in its pages, even though my children are much older than 8 now.

Despite the fact that I have the training for early childhood education, it is often easier to be more in control of my emotions and triggers when dealing with the young ones at school. With my own children, as I am just a human with a mountain of emotions, I can be challenging at times.


    psychology: Understanding your child’s way of thinking and perspective can help us to find ways to communicate better.
    triggers and tantrums: Acknowledging the parents’ triggers and the reason behind the child’s tantrums is important. Learn about different coping strategies as everyone reacts differently.
    good communication: Helps strengthen self esteem and often is connected to positive parenting.
    knee-jerk reactions: not good
    reasons why they aren’t listening: harsh languages, distractions, too many words….
    methods of effective communication
    parent-child activities


This 165 page book was an easy read. The topics were very relevant and gave many suggestions for the readers to try out. For those who have children from 3-8 years old, you will find some excellent tips. For parents with younger or older children, it’s a great way to with prepare or remind yourself of different techniques.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

    1. It’s hard to pinpoint to be honest….. but the point of trying to understand the perspective of little ones is something I have promoted for years. It’s hard as an adult to understand at times because most of us have forgotten how it was as a child but since I am a young in spirit as my mom puts it, I still remember.


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