Book Review: Mabby The Squirrel’s Guide To Flying

Original cover of my copy of the book…

This was a tale of being born different from the norms of the community and being discriminated for it in the world of flying squirrels. So, if one couldn’t fly, then they were looked down on.

Mabby’s father was an excellent flier, but his mother wasn’t able to fly. Mabby couldn’t fly either. Like his mother, he was ridiculed and laughed at, but he was determined to fly someday, even though he didn’t have the flap of skin for flying. He didn’t think it mattered.

Mabby grew up with only his father. His mother was killed just after he was born by the attack of a cat. More attacks on squirrels were on the rise and they wanted to find out why…,


As a novel for young adults, I though the sentence structures were rather extensive. Shorter sentences might be better to hold their attention.

Even though the topic was squirrels, the book spoke of inequality and death. Definitely not the cute story that I had originally expected it to be…..

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