Movie Review: Nezha

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Two special pearls emerged from the heavens when the Mixed Yuan Bead was split in half, The Spirit Pearl and The Demon Pearl. The Spirit Pearl was supposed to become the son of Li Jing, a famous demon slayer of Chen Tang Pass, where they lived. Unfortunately, the Pearls got switched.

The Spirit Pearl was stolen and became the third son of the imprisoned Dragon Lord. The Demon Pearl was born the son of Li Jing, Nezha.


1) fight your fate: Nezha might have been born a demon, but his parents were determined to use love to change him. As his third birthday as his foretold death day, he felt he was losing this battle too. However, he believed he could ….

2) follow your heart: Nezha’s mother especially followed her heart to keep Nezha. His newly found friend, Ao Bing, followed his heart and chose Nezha….


The animation and special effects were excellent even though I just watched it on my flatscreen. It was originally meant to be seen in an IMAX theatre.

The story itself didn’t really follow the original mythology. There were a lot of differences as the original mythology had many topics that could be upsetting to small children.

Hence, as I watched, I tried to keep an open mind and accepted the story as a new one. Ultimately, it was a fun movie for the family.

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