Art Inspiration: Sean Connery

This past Halloween weekend was a shock for me. I read that Sir Thomas Sean Connery has passed away in his sleep in Nassau, Bahamas at the age of 90.

This is my tribute to an amazing actor who has set the bar for the James Bond franchise.

“Sir Thomas Sean Connery was a Scottish actor. He gained recognition as the first actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond in film, starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983.“—Wikipedia

Thank you for all the movies and your amazing voice! You will be missed…..

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15 thoughts on “Art Inspiration: Sean Connery

  1. Definitely a moment for somber reflection, Vivian.

    Though it also inspires a far happier reflection, in that when our time comes, there are far worse places for it to happen than at our estate on the Caribbean.

    Sir Sean, legendary in every part of his time here Now, off to watch Goldfinger….

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