Book Review: Under The Cover Of Darkness By A. K. Barr

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In a mysterious world faraway from ours, was a place named Zabashi. Four Guardians from their prophecies were born and sent to our world for hiding until their 21st birthdays. Now that that day was coming near, their fathers, Knights of Zabashi, had a short period of time to find them and guide them to their true destiny.


1) sacrifice for the greater good: Imagine having to send your child away so they can grow up safety, but away from the family!

2) brotherhood: Despite their differences, the Knights were bound together by a common goal, the search of the Guardians.


Most of the book was laying out the background of the world of Zabashi. There was quite a lot of information that and not too much about the Guardians until the end. Perhaps it’s meant to draw you into reading the next books in the series.

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