Art Inspiration: Liquid Luck

If you had a vial

Of pure liquid luck,

Would you take it,

Drink it,

Sell it

To the highest bidder

Or give it away

To someone

You love


Someone who



Need it?

—- Chocoviv

What is Liquid Luck?

Felix Felicis, more commonly known as Liquid Luck, grants whoever drinks it unusually good luck. The time span of this luck depends on the amount imbibed. Liquid Luck is one of the hardest potions to make, as noted by Horace Slughorn; “It has to be cooked for 6 months on an extremely complicated formula, and if you make a tiniest mistake, the consequences are severe”. Because of its properties, it is banned in all sporting events, competitions and examinations. —- Wikipedia

This potion was highly coveted by all at Hogwarts, where Harry Potter was studying.

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20 thoughts on “Art Inspiration: Liquid Luck

  1. Ooh, how tricky a question is that? I am more interested in knowing how many people would answer, only considering option 1 or 2. Even though many of us would like to think we would consider all four options when push comes to shove…would we? Who is the better person, the honest one that knows they would only be interested in themselves (options 1 & 2) and can live with that, or us mere mortals who would consider all four, but may not have the strength to choose the right one? Sadly, sitting on the fence, I’m looking for option 5 i.e. Have a sip yourself and share the rest with someone else.

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  2. I would drink it then share my luck with those I love also cusion them from the severe effects incase the potion goes South. This is fascinating though, never heard of it before.

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  3. I would keep it with me safely and use it a time of emergency.
    Actually , I wouldn’t use it for myself but if there were a situation where I really needed some luck then I would use it . But otherwise ,I would probably give it to someone who deserves it .

    God!!!! What if something like that actually exists ???? Our lives would be way easier …😂

    Just a few phrases that you’ve typed makes me wonder such peculiar thoughts .

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