Book Review: The Ring

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The original story was written by Koji Suzuki and translated by Robert B. Rohmer and Glynne Walley.


Kazuyuki Asakawa was a reporter and the uncle of a deceased teenager. He discovered that they had watched a mysterious videotape at a resort. Apparently, according to the videotape, once one watched the tape, the person had seven days to live. The message with way to stop this was erased by an advertisement. Kazuyuki had a horrible feeling about this video…..


1) spreading of a virus: Anyone watching the video helped the spread the negative energy. Smallpox was mentioned and was a virus. A virus didn’t always have to be a physical illness.

2) ripple effect: The action of one person can cause a detrimental effect to those around that person. The evil deeds of someone of authority was the worse.


There was a sad and tragic story behind this tale of terror. I felt both angry and sad, as I read about the memories and the past of the main characters. Definitely not what I had expected after watching the horror movies.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ring

  1. I remember “The Ring,” Viviam!

    Riveting movie, and a fascinating watch when friends were over one sunny afternoon.

    That night, though, when there was nothing about but me, the shadows and a few mysterious noises, maybe the afternoon’s activity wasn’t such a good idea.

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