Book Review: A Journal Of The Plague Year

This book was written in the first person’s perspective of the bubonic plague of London in 1665.

(The Original Cover From 1722)Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

As the reader began to flip through the pages of this book, it began to read like a genuine journal of a man simply documenting his daily observations. He identified that news of the illness didn’t spread as fast the illness did. He continued to write down the number of people dying in the community….

He was just glad to be alive.


Some may consider this a work of fiction, others may see it as a historical recollection. If you are curious about the story of the bubonic plague, you may enjoy this book.

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Note: Thank you EarlyBirdBooks for my complimentary edition!


9 thoughts on “Book Review: A Journal Of The Plague Year

  1. Sounds really interesting! Though the bubonic plague is much more deadly then COVID, I agree with Dracul. Also reminds me of a book published in 1987 by Dutch thriller author Tomas Ros. This book is about a fictional pandemic and was recently republished because COVID is much like this thing he wrote about.

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