Netflix Movie: Rebecca

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

This was a remake of the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock classic of the same name. The original movie was the movie adaptation of the English paranormal novel by Daphne Du Maurier.


A lady’s companion met and fell in love with a handsome aristocrat, Maxim de Winter. His wife, Rebecca, had passed away recently. Everyone loved his wife, as she was a well known and beautiful aristocratic lady with plenty of admirers.

Sadly, the new Mrs. de Winter could feel that even the house staff at the manor looked down on her. The mention of Rebecca and even the former master bedroom was forbidden. Being surrounded by all of Rebecca’s personal possessions became very overbearing and creepy…..


This was not the ghost story that I had expected, but I appreciated the assertive role that the new Mrs. de Winter played as story unfolded.

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