Product Feature: Vegan Halloween Gummy

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Every year I would send treats and goodies to each of my child’s class for the teacher to hand out for Halloween. This year I discovered some vegan, and common allergen-free healthy gummy candy to give out!

Look, the Halloween design was very cute!

There were two types to choose from:

1) less sugar, very fruity flavours and jelly-like

2) sugar-free, high in fibre and protein, denser in texture

At the time of this blog article posted, both were sold out! Luckily, they still had the regular packaging of the Good News Gummies still in stock!

With my experience, both adults and little ones really enjoyed these surprisingly tasty and healthy treats at any time.

Note: Use my code: chocoviv15 to get a discount when you order from their website at no extra cost to you, but I will get a tiny compensation back. Win-win!

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