Reblog Feature: Ways To Keep Toxic People At Bay

Pay no attention to toxic words. What people say is often a reflection of themselves, not you.– Christian Baloga How many times have you felt …

Ways to keep toxic people at bay!

This is such an informative blog post by Pratha of Thoughts With Ink.

Do you have any toxic people in your life?

Those who never have a positive or encouraging word to say when you share good news?

8 Things the Most Toxic People in Your Life Have in Common
  • Toxic people are manipulative. …
  • They are judgmental. …
  • They take no responsibility for their own feelings. …
  • They don’t apologize. …
  • They are inconsistent. …
  • They make you prove yourself to them. …
  • They make you defend yourself. …
  • They are not caring, supportive, or interested in what’s important to you.

—- Psychology Today

I hope we all can take a stand and set some boundaries to protect ourselves today!

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10 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Ways To Keep Toxic People At Bay

  1. Toxic people are envious of others

    To make themselves fill fulfilled they need to conquer others that are weaker than them much like the bully on the school yard playground .

    Always looking for audience to be in spotlight by taking back your power by saying I am not afraid nor intimidated by you taking that power back they no longer can vilify you.

    I was always the ones others feared why because I stood out from others you are either wolf or the sheep.

    I was not one to ever start a fight but certainly was the one to finish it


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