Netflix Series: Unsolved Mysteries (2020)

Image Courtesy of Forbes

I remember that I used to watch the original Unsolved Mysteries as a child in the late 80s with the late Robert Stack as the host.

This updated version didn’t have a host, instead the owners of the cases told the stories. There were a total of twelve episodes (season 1 and

Stories of murder, supernatural and human tragedy were the backbone of these cases. Some of stories could be really chilling and spine-tingling as they were all real-life events.

The most recent update of the case Alonzo Brooks in season 1 was the fact that his body was exhumed in July!

The story that made me fight my tears was the story of Japan’s 2011 Richter-scale 9 earthquake and tsunami. Such a sad and horrifying sight to watch the videos of the events.


The show is hoping that more people will watch the series and help solve the cases someday. I enjoyed most of the stories and ended up searching up their names online too
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11 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Unsolved Mysteries (2020)

  1. Hmmm, Vivian, I too enjoyed the “classic” series. Perhaps a little more approachable than was the classic of classics, “In Search Of…,” which is what Leonard Nimoy did in the 70s, between playing Spock on TV, and then in the movies.

    Anyway, thanks for recommending “Unsolved Mysteries'” reincarnation (as it were). I definitely will have to check it out. Thanks!

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