Fabfitfun Fall 2020 Edit Box

One of the nice benefits of being a subscriber to Fabfitfun’s subscription box is that every so often they would have a special edit box. It is very different with edit boxes as you actually have a long and extensive list of items that have appeared in previous boxes to choose from at discounted prices.

So, you get to choose as many items you want to buy at highly discounted prices. For example, if I had tried a product in my last box and it appeared in the edit box list, I could save quite a bit!

One more thing, I like how they reused the leftover previous empty boxes to mail these items out!

timeless skincare Matrixyl 3000 Serum $24.95 (original price)

Flightmode Skincare Smooth Send Off Masking Socks $29.99 (original price)

Flightmode Skincare Hydration High-Flyer Hand Mask $29.99 (original price)

I got all this for about $30!

Interested in a subscription to the seasonal box?

You get $10 off your first box when you purchase a Seasonal subscription and I get som promotional credit. Win-win!

Click on the link below:


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