Movie Review: Victoria And Abdul

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As I have been intrigued about the history of Queen Victoria, this movie poster attracted my attention.


1) racial prejudice: Because of his skin colour and religion, Abdul was looked down by everyone in the royal household, including the staff. The more they looked down and excluded him, the more Queen Victoria stood up for him. It became ferocious when she named him her teacher and learned his language. She even wanted to give him knighthood.

She knew that once she passed away, Abdul would have no protection from the new king, Bertie, her son. Abdul, his wife and mother in law wouldn’t leave even after the queen’s death, so King Bertie burned all of the written documents and papers that Queen Victoria had given to Abdul.

3) to be open-minded: Queen Victoria made it clear that she was bored of the aristocracy around her. She was moved by how Abdul was so enthusiastic and passionate about his culture and home. She never visited India, and became so open to his ideas, that she built a room completely dedicated to the finer things of Indian royalties. Despite her age, she studied the Indian language.


I enjoyed the dialogues between Queen Victoria and Abdul. She was definitely thinking ahead of her time. My favourite part was when she stood up against her household staff for Abdul.

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10 thoughts on “Movie Review: Victoria And Abdul

  1. We enjoyed watching the movie. Also, what makes the movie even more interesting is the real life story behind it all. Queen Victoria understood her role extremely well as sovereign and monarch. She did come up against this type of situation more than once, and by that I mean the attitude of the aristocracy and the politicians of the time. She had a wonderful relationship with some of her prime ministers, but of course they are popularly elected, and so were not around for as long as she liked on occasion. Then there was Prince Albert, who I think opened her eyes to so many different and better ways of doing things.

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