Happy Second Anniversary

Has been two years now?

I began writing on WordPress as a writer for another company, but time went by, I decided to start my own blog as another creative outlet for myself.

As another Facebook admin job can to an end after five years, this was naturally the next step to take. Blogging seemed like such a mysterious world for outsiders. It was very different in many other social platforms. However, since I was quite successful on my other platforms, I was confident that blogging was my calling.

Thank you to all my amazing supporters and subscribers!

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.Bruce Lee

Image Courtesy Of Goalcast

When did you start blogging?

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54 thoughts on “Happy Second Anniversary

  1. Congratulations, Vivian, on two years of maintaining high quality…in quantity.

    Not only that, but you’ve touched on just about every topic out there. How fortunate for your readers you’ve shared your experiences, rather than keeping them to yourself.

    Can’t wait to see what you deliver over the next couple years!

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