Book Review: A Glimpse Behind The Portal Novella (Night Escape)

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This novella was the prequel to the Inhabitants at the Center of the Universe books by Machelle Hanleigh.

You can download this novella for free here:


Young Kailey was sent to Earth through a portal by her mother, far away from her cruel father and twin sister. Her mother wanted to save Kailey. As she was gifted with amazing powers, her father was determined to use her for his own selfish reasons.

Using her own powers, Kailey’s mother blocked off Kailey’s memories and powers, so she might live normally with a couple on Earth.


1) family: From one family to another, Kailey had no memory of her actual family, but was blessed to wake up to wonderful foster parents. Her twin sister was not that lucky. She had always wanted to replace Kailey as her father’s favourite. But, was unable to as her father only kept her around to use her to hunt Kailey down with her psychic powers as her twin.

2) loyalty: As a wife, Kailey’s mother was bound to her husband, but her loyalty and duty as a mother became a stronger force. Despite knowing that she would be greatly reprimanded, she decided to send Kailey faraway.

Kailey’s twin sister was completely obsessed with trying to please her father. Her loyalty to him was stronger than her connection to her twin sister. She was ready to betray Kailey at d at anytime.


This was an intriguing prequel that helped to set up the background story of Kailey. Reading this definitely peaked my interest in the series…..

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: A Glimpse Behind The Portal Novella (Night Escape)

    1. You can find out what happens to Kailey next in Druidess Found, the first of the Druidess Trilogy. It is available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback on Amazon. You can use this link here to find it for what ever country you are in: I have already read the book and loved it. Not much a fan of romance but this book has me hooked and I’m eagerly awaiting the second one (which is available for pre-order as well).

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