Vibrant Side Of Osaka


“Shinsaibashi is a district in the Chūō-ku ward of Osaka, Japan and the city’s main shopping area. At its center is Shinsaibashi-suji, a covered shopping street, that is north of Dōtonbori and Sōemonchō, and parallel and east of Mido-suji street.“—Wikipedia

When I travelled, shopping did not attract me the most. However, this shopping centre was the main one in Osaka. Hence, I gave it a visit.

The Glico Running Man Sign

As a kid of the 80s, I grew up eating tons of Glico’s Pocky Sticks. The image of this running man was a popular image of my childhood. But, where did this come from?

The company’s founder, Mr. Riichi Ezaki (江崎利一), started experimenting on extracting glycogen in oysters to produce healthy food, particularly in confectionery, to help improve the health of the children.

The company launched its first product, a caramel containing glycogen found in oysters, a substance that serves as a form of energy storage in human and animals. The brand name, “Glico”, was derived from its product’s source nutrients, glycogen, and featured a running man on its candy boxes with the successful sales campaign “300 Meters on a Single Piece”.”—- JapanInfo

Many tourists crowded around to take a picture with this iconic advertisement.

Honestly, I did buy some snacks on the way…..

I love the vibrancy of this area!

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