Book Review: A Week at Surfside Beach

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“Pierce and his family have gone to Surfside Beach, South Carolina for over twenty-five years. For most of that time they have stayed in the blue house on the cover of A Week at Surfside Beach. They bought the home in 2000 and rent it out in summer. Originally a poet, Pierce began writing these short stories fifteen years ago, inspired by entries in their guest book.”

-Excerpt From

A Week at Surfside Beach

Pierce Kolosky Jr.

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This was a collection of short stories retelling the unique experiences of each group of renters.


1) vacations aren’t always relaxing:

How many times have you had an argument with your fellow vacationing buddies? Be it friends or family, disputes were bound to happen…. How each person or group resolved or dealt with the problems were often done as a group….

I can attest to this…. When I first travelled as an young adult, I often got into heated arguments with my travel partner. I was inexperienced and they travelled a lot more as a solo traveller. I wanted to appease everyone, so I never demanded or expected anything.

I just wanted to follow wherever or whatever the others did… I was afraid to upset others. I didn’t want to make any incorrect decisions.

This made them angry. They sometimes accused me of not planning anything or have any ideas.

I was and (still am) not good with directions, so when the directions were vague, I would ask for clarification or a map. They would get impatient as they already knew where the place would be located.

Now, I as I am older and wiser, I have learned to voice out my likes and dislikes. I made sure that I let my fellow travel buddies know that I have one or two ideas from my bucket list!

2) taking vacation is like trying to get away from daily life:

From taking the family to get away for a week to an elderly gentleman running away from the constant attention from his children, everyone was trying to get away from someone or something from the relationships.

I don’t agree that vacation should be used to fix problems in a relationship. Just because things seem great during the trip, doesn’t guarantee that all is well back home.

Vacations are a great way to learn about new cultures and history of our world. It is a wonderful way to open our eyes and to learn to be compassionate to others.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t be a reason to dig yourself into debt either. Learning to save and be savvy about spending is very important.


I think this would be an excellent book to have at a seaside beach resort. It would remind visitors why they were at the beach and how they should choose to enjoy or destroy their vacation. The stories might help increase their tolerance for some of the mishaps that sometimes happened between people.

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