Netflix Documentary: The Social Dilemma

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“It’s simultaneous utopia and dystopia ….

It’s all a business model….

We need regulations…..

Humane technology became a cool thing to do and not about the right thing to do…..”

These were some of the quotes from the documentary.

Why I Started

Working on the social media platforms for work and for pleasure for many years, I admit that I spend a lot of time on it. (Like how i am typing this blog post at this moment!) I understood the evil side of social media; hence, I purposely used my own time and money to obtain certificates regarding how to use social media for business and how to handle the negative aspects of it.

Taking these courses also meant that I was on the laptop and cellphone a lot on top of personal and work-related accounts. Unfortunately, most only saw me in front of a screen and didn’t not care that I was taking many courses to upgrade myself.

Why I Continued

As time went by, Facebook became a platform for “old people” according to the young children. Many of the platforms might have an age restriction, but children would lie about their age. That could dangerous as they might be in contact of people who would take advantage of their young age.

The whole documentary mainly focused on how Facebook manipulated their users with algorithms and suggestions. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok were briefly mentioned. Actually, TikTok was not directly mentioned at all! Only a couple TikTok videos quickly flew by….

Why Education Is Important

This was why I became fully immersed in the language and world of as many platforms as possible. For the safety of my children, I needed to be ahead of my game. My eldest child was willing to show me all of what happened among her friends’ accounts. As I had been close with almost all of their friends, they were willing to listen to my child when I alerted them of any potential safety hazard online.

I wanted to be the shield and sifter for the younger generation. Being part of the generation who first used computers for research and writing papers, plus spending countless hours on dial-up modem lines just to play online games, I understood what they were going through.

Let’s be realistic. We might never be able to go back to a zero social media world. But, we should be able to wake up in the matrix and learn to take control back.

“Human being can change technology.”

“Our intention is to make the world better…..”

Let’s work together and take the control back.

Use your platforms to make the world a better place!

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13 thoughts on “Netflix Documentary: The Social Dilemma

  1. I wanted to watch this so bad when it came out. Hopefully I can watch it soon during a study break. I think it’s crazy how much social media tracks you to tailor your interests

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  2. “Unfortunately, most only saw me in front of a screen and didn’t not care that I was taking many courses to upgrade myself.” I really like this part. We must always make it a point to learn new things. It’s so pathetic that most people around me don’t like to learn new skills. But that also makes me stand out. I salute you!

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  3. Many in my view and naive in disbelief of the real threats that linger and lurk in the shadows

    Why so many choose to put their waking moment from dusk till dawn on social media is staggering.

    It is extremely easy to target and track someone based just alone on their social media activity

    When keyboard warriors try to do shine me up because they are talking out of their asses without intellect go look at my profile and think it is fake because there is no information visible to them.

    Case and point there was 14 yr old girl who was home alone and thought she was communication with another teenage boy?

    When in fact he was not an innocent teenage boy but a very barbaric serial killer that went to her house and killed her left what was left of her in the bathtub for her parents to find.

    Yes, Social Media comes with many causes and effects but you need to teach the young very serious and luring threats that are real.




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