Royal Caribbean Cruise To Bermuda circa 2013

In 2013, we booked a short cruise to Bermuda for my birthday. The cruise ship that I boarded on was the Explorer Of The Seas by Royal Caribbean Cruises.

On-board Entertainment

This ship had an ice rink where we could do some free skating and watch shows on rice! There was a rollerblading area on the outside too!

Onto Bermuda!

We had to take a speedboat to reach the island. Then, we were free to roam around the island the whole day.

Interesting fact, I saw many bus stops, but no buses anywhere! Hmmm….

I wandered into a local bookstore and bought a children’s book. The author was there to signed it too!

Getting hungry, I was determined to eat something at the Swizzle Inn….

The banyan tree below was one of biggest tree i saw on the island. These trees fascinated me as their roots could expand very far. This one was near the Crystal Caves.

“Crystal Cave is a cave in the British overseas territory of Bermuda. It is located in Hamilton Parish, close to Castle Harbour. The cave is approximately 500 m long, and 62 m deep. The lower 19-20 m of the cave are below water level.“— Wikipedia

“The striking Unfinished Church in St. George’s might make you think of a romantic ruin straight out of a fairy tale. But it was actually planned as a replacement for St. Peter’s in the mid-19th century. For one reason or another, the church was never completed. But what remains is positively breathtaking, with soaring stone arches, a grassy floor, and only Bermuda’s blue sky for a roof.“— GoToBermuda

Fort St. Catherine’s was a military fort from 1612 to the 20th century.

Back On-board

I just had to visit the ship’s Johnny Rockets. I like the 50’s decor!

Back then, all cruises required guests to dress up for a formal night. Many guests would visit the salon to get their hair and makeup done. I prefer to do my own makeup and hair…..

Well, that’s what I could recall from my Bermuda cruise!

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