Netflix Movie: #ALIVE

Alone in his apartment, this gamer was completely immersed in his online game. His mother only left him a note to remind him to buy more groceries. Like a stereotypical young man, he ignored this note and continued gaming….. Until he turned on the television and heard the screams outside…..


1) technology: We, humans, have become extremely dependent on technology, especially on the internet and cellphones. Many of us rarely talk to each other anymore, unless it was a text of some sort. What will life be like without WIFI? How would you live without electricity? Or running water?

2) hope: Things were becoming dire and he almost gave up. But, no matter how bad things would become, there was hope…..

My Thoughts

This is a zombie thriller movie. I enjoy zombie movies where the characters have to find ways to survive. There isn’t too many scary scenes, but there are interesting surprises. Anything to stay alive…..
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14 thoughts on “Netflix Movie: #ALIVE

  1. Ohh, I like the sound of this movie. I am normally not 100% into zombie movies, but I also just cannot resist them. And my Netflix also has the movie! Great review, thanks for telling about this movie.


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