My Dad’s Birthday Dinner During The Covid Year

It’s my Dad’s birthday!

Normally, we would go out for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Not this year, thanks to COVID-19…..

As I discussed with my Mom about the choices of cuisine he would like, she mentioned that he hadn’t gone out for chinese food for a long time.

He missed dim sum…. the last time he went for dim sum was over a year ago! He also craved rice noodles too….

(We might not have a great relationship growing up, but to watch my children and him interacting so wonderfully was a blessing ….)

So, I ordered some take out dishes and picked up a mango cake for his birthday dinner. The weather was sunny and we stayed outside to eat. This was more relaxing as we could chat as long as we wanted in our backyard.

Wishing him a healthy and happy year to come!

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42 thoughts on “My Dad’s Birthday Dinner During The Covid Year

  1. My heartiest congratulations and happiest birthday wish to your dad! Many happy returns of the day… To be able to spend time with your parents are the best times a daughter could ever have. Wish I could but sadly my parents are not around any more. Have a blast, yeah! 🎂🎉🎈

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