Workshop Review: How To Deal With Asian Parents

Being a child of immigrant parents, I grew up with the stereotypical scenarios of Asian parents. Many of us had this ongoing internal joke about how our families were constantly patronizing and criticizing our every move or decisions. Sadly, most of us never said anything. Instead, we would just be quiet and avoid or reduce any further interactions with them.

Sadly, as we got older and watched our parents getting older, some of us began to think that it was not the way to live the rest of our lives.

Therefore, when I discover that a fellow blogger developed a new course to face these challenges, I was interested!

Meet Katherine of SumOnSleeve!

Image Courtesy of SumOnSleeve

In How to Deal with Asian Parents, Katharine teaches you the 5 important steps for improving the relationship with your parents.

Why the relationship with your parents is important

What you can talk about with your parents

How to talk to your parents

When you should accept your parents for who they are

Who you are and how to accept yourself

Katharine shares her authentic stories and relationship-building tips for how she improved her relationship with her parents to empower students to do the same.

She understands the struggles of connecting with Asian parents and wants to inspire others to talk about these issues despite growing up in a culture that hid them.

Have a better relationship because let’s face it, they’re not getting any younger.”— SumOnSleeve

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the candid and very genuine short videos where she shared her own personal and painful experiences of her growing up. So many struggles and interactions sounded so familiar.

She also had some insights and explanations of the steps she took to unravel some of the misunderstandings. These tips could be used for all parents of all nationalities.

Being a parent myself, I can see how the habits and behaviours of our own parents can influence our own thinking.

It’s time to break that cycle!

Attention all readers!

This course is normally $139.99 CDN, but use the link below and the price becomes $28.99 CDN!

Thank you, Katherine for sharing this link with us!

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4 thoughts on “Workshop Review: How To Deal With Asian Parents

  1. I love that someone created an actual course on this! One of the common themes I’ve seen in people describing their experiences of Asian parent problems is a lack of willingness to talk about the negative patterns or even acknowledge them. Having a direct, emotionally honest discussion of those experiences sounds like it could be powerfully validating.

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  2. Like you told it’s time to break the circle and address the issues for self-elevated growth. I am glad someone is working towards it to benefit both children and parents.

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