Workshop Review: Mindful You, Mindful Me

As a parent of young child, many of us worry about the negative effects of the modern day world and its technology.

How many times we run around like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland?

How often we are screaming and yelling as we completely lost it? (After the hundredth time….Please brush your teeth!)

The world is constantly demanding us to hurry and multitask as much as possible. No wonder we, the adults, have meltdowns! Now, imagine how it is for the little ones.

Harmony Kids Yoga

Image Courtesy of Harmony Kids Yoga

Harmony Kids Yoga began many years ago…

When company founder, Jennie Abbot first experienced the calming sense of inner peace that yoga provided, she immediately knew that a positive yoga experience meant techniques and practices created specifically for the needs of the student.

Jennie was inspired to learn all she could about yoga and started her teacher training in 2010. During that time, her daughter began experiencing anxiety and challenges at school. Jennie knew that the practice of yoga, mindfulness and centering were tools she could empower her child and so using her background as a children’s dance instructor and the tools she was learning as a yoga instructor, created a yoga plan for daughter that provided immediate and immeasurable results.“— Harmony Kids Yoga

My Thoughts

My Own Image Of A Video

The short videos at the beginning gives you an idea why mindfulness is important. In her soothing voice, she guides you through some exercises that you can do with your little ones.

There are some suggestions about home adaptations. If you are interested, the website has some kits that you can order too!

I definitely believe that parents of young children, especially preschoolers, should take a look at this course.

(These are all my personal takes and comments of this course.)

Click below to find out more:

(Thank you for my discount code CHOCOVIV10 for 10% off the course!)

What are your thoughts on mindfulness?

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9 thoughts on “Workshop Review: Mindful You, Mindful Me

  1. Mindfulness is something we need to practice and nurture. Yoga offers this sense of inner peace and brings mental and emotional stability. The younger children start the better and yoga is the comfort food for the mind.

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