15 Hour Ferry Ride From Port Hardy To Prince Rupert

Fifteen hours on a local British Columbia ferry? Why would you want to spend that much time on a not so luxury ferry ship? Considering there wasn’t entertainment like on a cruise ship, one might wonder why…..

1) Travel like a local: I noticed that all the license plates on-board were from British Columbia. After chatting with some of the travellers, all of the ones I chatted with were local folks travelling among the islands.

2) Take your vehicle with you:

To be able to just drive off the ferry boat instead of worrying about looking for car rentals (plus there wasn’t any at the terminal), made travelling with little ones much easier. This was the only ferry that I knew of that had the option of bedrooms as the ride was meant to be 15 hours long…..

3) Eating on the ferry:

There was a cafeteria where we bought some clam chowder and hotdogs for lunch. Nothing fancy, but was perfect for us as we wanted to spend more time looking out at the shoreline.

3) Buffet Dinner:

As the night drew near, it became dark outside. So we ventured in to the dinner buffet. It was nice and quiet, while we enjoyed an extended and delicious meal.

4) Breakfast On-board:

Coincidentally, the next morning was Canada Day. There was a lot of Canadian flags everywhere! Also, besides purchasing breakfast at the cafeteria, there was free cake for all!

I was so glad that I got to experience this ferry trip! To be honest, most British Columbians themselves had never take this ride either….

Would you ever consider taking a ferry ride like this?

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19 thoughts on “15 Hour Ferry Ride From Port Hardy To Prince Rupert

  1. Ferry trips around the islands is one of the things I miss about BC! Born and raised in Langley, and then at 24 I decided to up and move to Newfoundland. It’s beautiful too. Actually driving around Newfoundland usually feels like the Okanagan to me. But BC’s coast? Maybe it’s partly the nostalgia, but even living right on the bay out here in Newfoundland doesn’t give me the same feeling. My family spent quite a few summers visiting Nanaimo and Tofino, so I’ve done the shorter trip between Tsawassen and Duke Point many times, but a childhood friend’s family has a summer home on Pender and I got to go sometimes. I think they’ve changed the routes now to cut through the American waters off Point Roberts, but that trip required getting on the same ferry that went to Nanaimo first, but staying on while it stopped at all the other little islands along the south coast.

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  2. I only spent a week in BC several years ago and want to go back. I would love to take this ferry ride, it looks amazing. One of these days, I will get back out there and do it for sure! Thanks for sharing, I love the pictures.

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