Book Review: Stories To Read By Candlelight By Jean Lorrain

This book contains eight short stories that were originally written in the 1890s. The author recalled some of the spooky stories that his grandmother told him before bedtime.

“Jean Lorrain, born Paul Alexandre Martin Duval, was a French poet and novelist of the Symbolist school. Lorrain was a dedicated disciple of dandyism and spent much of his time amongst the fashionable artistic circles in France, particularly in the cafés and bars of Montmartre.“—-Wikipedia

These stories were originally written in French, which became apparent as the language was very descriptive and artistic. Even with the English translations, the romantic flow of the words was lovely. Hence, the words added a pleasant side to these otherwise creepy stories.

The stories were not the modern-day scary stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed the picturesque images that I envisioned while reading.

Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia

Image Courtesy of Goodreads

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21 thoughts on “Book Review: Stories To Read By Candlelight By Jean Lorrain

  1. oh this sounds cool! I’m not normally into ghost stories but this sounds like it would be very unique since they were written in the late 1800s

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