Book Review: Mother Mother By Jessica O’Dwyer

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After attempts at having their own children, Julie, a successful art curator and her doctor husband, Mark, embarked on a journey to adopt a child from Guatemala. Julie was the one who did majority of the work, flying back and forth during the whole process. So much stress and heartache was involved.


1) Adopting a child is very difficult:

After spending tens of thousands of dollars and years of waiting and travelling, Julie and Mark finally brought their adopted son home.

That was the short story.

As mother myself, I could feel Julie’s pain and frustrations as she faced disappointment time and time again. Everything from losing hope and being mom-shamed from others.

2) Family is family:

Family didn’t always mean members had to be related by blood.

Besides speaking about the adoption side, the book also told the story of the birth mother of Julie’s adopted son. The story of his birth place, Guatemala. There was a lot of history and story about the political background that caused a chain of events that led to his birth mother giving him up for adoption.

The stories about how family members passed away and other members of the village took over to help out.

Yay Or Nay

The author hopped back and forth from past stories of Guatemala and present day in the book which meant I had to try to remember all the facts.

This is a very heartfelt story about adoption. The author herself is a mother of two adopted children from Guatemala. Hence, I believe that there is a lot of her genuine emotions there.

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