Arriving In Tokyo Pre-Covid


The Mimaru was an apartment hotel that was situated in the Ginza East district. This quaint and elegant hotel supported local artists by promoting their works of art in the lobby.

One artist that caught my eye was the works of Yukari Miyagi. I love the simplicity of her lines when contrasted against the background.

Besides complimentary instant coffee and tea bags, the receptionist was also giving visitors disposable face masks in child and adult sizes when asked. How considerate!

Works of Yukari Miyagi

Dinner At Hakata Ippudo

After we left the hotel, it was time for dinner. Someone had a craving for ramen. So, Hakata Ippudo was the target.

According to the official website,

“Ippudo, our ramen restaurant, was first established in 1985 in Hakata, Fukuoka. Currently in 2017, we have over 100 stores throughout Japan.

In 1990, our founder, Shigemi Kawahara, entered the Hall of Fame for winning the the ramen competition of the show, “TV Champion” three consecutive times. Then in 2005, he gained the title “Noodle King” after coming in 1st in the “Largest Ramen Competition in History to Decide the Noodle King”.

Shiromaru Classic

Ippudo Kasane

Shopping For Novel Appliances

This little shop was surrounded by other stores that sold Japanese anime figures. There were a huge assortment of very interesting small kitchen appliances.

Automatic Cup Noodle Maker

I wanted this fridge for my skincare….

Make your own teriyaki skewers!
This one cooks raw rice!

I was fascinated at so many fun small gadgets on display. We ended up buying the rice cooker appliance. And yes, it worked!

Which appliance do you find most interesting?

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