Mimiu In Osaka, Japan

After a long day of walking around the city, it was time for dinner. Without thinking much, we walked past the “Mimiu”.

Mimiu began as a Ryotei (Japanese traditional style restaurant) in Sakai, southern part of Osaka, 250 years ago. A few generations back, the owner Heitaro renamed the restaurant as Mimiu and focused the menu solely on Japanese noodles.” — Mimiu

I was looking for some udon for the little ones. Hence, two bowls of udon with some vegetable and prawn tempura were the perfect choices.

Being the adventurous adult, I decided to try the “Uzura-soba”. The heat of the hot soba noodles was used to cook the quail’s egg. I blended the Bonito flakes, green onions on the top of the noodles together into the egg. (Yes, the egg was raw.) Delicious!

Have you tried eating raw eggs (but actually cooked by mixing in hot liquids or food)?

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19 thoughts on “Mimiu In Osaka, Japan

  1. Yum that food looks good! I definitely would try my eggs that way. For a lot of hollandaise sauces the egg is cooked by mixing in hot water! and fun fact, most aiolis contain raw egg too

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  2. I love Japanese food! Yes I eat eggs just splashed into a boiling soup 😉 also there is a breakfast joint in Singapore called toast box, a sandwich is accompanied with half boiled eggs. Will you try half boiled eggs?

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  3. That looks so delicious!! I love Japanese food – all the incredible umami flavours. And amazing that the restaurant has existed in various forms for over 250 years!

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