Spring Break In Las Vegas Pre-Covid: Part One

In 2018, school was off and we all flew to Las Vegas! The first place that I stayed at was the Worldmark By Wyndham on the Boulevard. The pool was a lot of fun as it kept us moving as we just floated on top.

Let’s review my stay…

The Ultimate Variety Show

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I really wanted to watch a show and most were booked up or too pricey! Hence, I began to line up for The Ultimate Variety Show.

Photography was not allowed. However, we could take a phot of the performers at the end. The theatre was not very big and I got to sit very close to the stage! The performances were very exciting and extremely close-up. Many of us in the audience even screamed at some of the scariest tricks!

Shopping At The Venetian

I enjoyed walking around and looking at all the pretty things, like jewellery, bath products and luxury items.

John’s Incredible Pizza Company

This place was the best for the children. There was a buffet and lots of games for them too. There were some fun rides indoors that even parents could ride on along with their children.

Take An Evening Walk Towards The Bellagio

This vending machine looked like an automatic teller machine, but it didn’t process money. It actually dispensed cupcakes!

These were very interestingly designed purses. The stores were all closed, but I could continue to browse the windows. So many unique pieces for me to admire….

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

I was lucky enough to encounter these beautiful pieces of art as I walked into the Bellagio. (Check out the ceiling that was made by Chihuly!)

The art pieces were made with such beautiful blooms and flower pieces. Samurai was the theme of the display. I especially loved the oversized vases.

To be continued…..

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