Reblog Feature: My Secret To Easy Waste Free Picnics

Maybe not this year, COVID kind of threw us off our routine and plans for this summer. But we are a road trip kind of family. Every summer we go camping at least twice or three times which includes a short road trip going and coming back plus a road trip to Okanagan. We have a system that works for us, even the kids, well more teens’ bickering is accepted and very well tolerated by all in our road trips.

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6 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: My Secret To Easy Waste Free Picnics

  1. My family used to go on daytrips where we would pack a cooler to store our water bottles and snacks. Most of the time, we could keep the food in reusable containers so that we didn’t have a ton of trash after our meal. Simpler and better for the environment!

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