Lovely Lavender

Lovely lavender

Under the summertime sun

Soaking in the rays.

—- Chocoviv

Truthfully, I do not have a green thumb.

The lavender bushes that I have outside my place basically just grew and grew with minimal care. I water them every so often during the warmer months. During the winter days, the plant will wither down to brown and brittle twigs.

Springtime arrived and my lavender begins to wake up. Slowly, but steadily, green leaves and flower peek through, while the brown twigs disappear.

Do you have a garden?

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23 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. I used to have enormous lavender plants in my yard. I had read somewhere that they should be pruned back in the fall. Yeah, they all died. I should have left them alone. I bought a new plant this year, the first one in many years since then.

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  2. We have a few lavender plants in our driveway part of the garden. They are so lovely when they are in bloom, and really give off that lovely scent as you come into the house. Also the bees love them!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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