Reblog Feature: Plastic Free July in Pandemic

July is here and so is the Plastic Free July.  We are halfway through the year, the best time to review our goals and see if we are on track.

2020 has been an unusual year so far with the ongoing pandemic. Our way of life has changed dramatically. To avoid spreading the COVID 19 virus many of us started using plastic disposable gloves, disposable masks. Our shopping even changed. The stores didn’t accept reusable bags at one point, some still don’t. The bulk section of the regular stores is either closed or everything is prepackaged in plastic bags.

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5 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Plastic Free July in Pandemic

  1. Here in the US, some towns/cities/States, are putting a hold on single use plastic bag bans, due to the Pandemic for hygiene & safety reasons. Some places leave it up to the store or merchant. My local chain/pharmacy store lets me load up a tote bag because I don’t put it on the counter, etc. Post visit, I wash the bag. Also I’m wearing my old bridesmaid and flower girl gloves on shopping errands instead of plastic gloves and they get washed afterwards. Using gardening/work gloves to clean the beach next to our house, of plastic and all kinds of trash–then these are washed too.

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