Netflix Series: Mystic Pop-Up Bar

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A young man (Kang-bae) who had the unfortunate power to get others to pour out their grudges to him, wandered into a mysterious pop-up bar ran by a dream-reader (Wol-joo) and her after-life police officer partner (Chief Gwi). Together they worked together to help others resolve grudges.


1) everyone wants to be heard: Kang-bae spent his whole life listening to others’ problems. Every time someone touched him, that person would hold on and couldn’t help but pour out their grudges.

Growing up as an orphan, he was rejected by others as he would cause others to say things and bring up secrets. He had no close friends and was extremely lonely. He wanted someone to listen to him too!

2) what you do now, affects your future: Without giving away any spoilers, everyone’s current situation was because of what they had chosen to do in the past. Therefore, one could always continue to choose to change their future!

Yay Or Nay

It’s a lovely story that allows us viewers to flow back and forth in the characters’ dreams. A beautiful story of love and sacrifice from one human to another. So, YAY!

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14 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Mystic Pop-Up Bar

  1. Sounds like a good one thanks. I recommend The Ghost Bride on Netflix. It’s an adaptation of the book written by Yangsze Choo. I loved the book and the show was great. It has some possibilities of another season it looks like.

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  2. Thanks for sharing Mystic Pop Up and will surely check it out. The story is something affecting all of us in looking for someone, at times plain strangers in listening which is a luxury in today’s times. Stay safe.

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  3. I’ll definitely have to see it! First time hearing of this show and it sounds quite interesting, never heard of a plot like it.
    Thanks for sharing

    Loren |

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