Time For Transformation

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The past few months I have been doing what I always wanted to do before adulthood.

1) working out daily

2) drawing daily, as I have always enjoyed arts

3) studying Korean, Japanese and brushing up on my French.

The past twenty years of my life have been about doing things for others, trying to survive and hiding the true me. So, every time my true nature came out, I was ridiculed by people closest to me.

This is a very emotional topic for many us working moms. Both work and home demand the same of us——to put them first on our list. Unfortunately, after giving everyone a part of ourselves, moms begin to lose ourselves completely. The resentment and frustration of not being heard becomes a ticking time bomb!

Growing up as an Asian female, we are taught to “shut up and put up”. Why is that? I, for one, am fighting this archaic stereotype everyday.

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23 thoughts on “Time For Transformation

  1. Well….I have a few things to say about all this.
    I think the shut up & put up is relatable to all females everywhere. We are just now coming into our own where that simply doesn’t cut it anymore and we’re not accepting being invalid anymore.
    Now this:

    1) You are fat, what’s the point of working out?

    Now they’re just talking crazy. It is literally the cure for extra weight, health, stamina and overall wellbeing.

    The way you work out looks ridiculous…..

    Who are these people? You do you and they can just stop watching. The way it looks to me is, a person taking control of her life, showing up to do the work to reach her personal goals.

    2) Art is useless! What a waste of time?

    What? I guess they dont realize art touches every aspect of our lives whether it’s the design of the building or house they live and work, the fashion they wear, what they read, the ads, tv, movies they watch to the curtains and furniture in there homes and car they drive. Art is everywhere and virtually everything is a product of someone’s creative vision.

    I’m concerned about who you are surrounding yourself with. I don’t think that anything you are doing is a problem and you don’t need to change a thing except the people around you who say such things.

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    1. Exactly!! People love to make comments without thinking and even say that it’s just a comment, so I shouldn’t be so sensitive and over react. They think their words are jokes and doesn’t hurt anyone.

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      1. Agreed! Thoughtlessness and rudeness are unacceptable behaviors especially applied toward those they claim to care about. That isn’t how love or friendship works. There’s an entire world out there waiting to tear us down. Those who love or care for us are the ones we should be able to depend upon for shelter against a harsh world, the hands that lift us up, encourage us and comfort our wounds, not the ones who cause them.
        How they treat us let’s us know if we are loved and respected by them honestly or not.
        You are not too sensitive. You have every right to expect kindness from those in your life. They are the ones who should be more sensitive to the feelings of others.

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      2. Thank you! After many years of counselling and learning about how to be strong as an empath, this is the message I working to share with those who are going through the same thing.

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  2. Unfortunately this is a very sad phenomenon in the world, especially in asian cultures. things are changing for the better though. As a parent , it is the duty of every Father to love and respect his wife, so that the children imbibe that. It is then that social change truly happens.
    You’re a very brave person to be able to express this frustration and to be able to come out of it.
    Express yourself freely

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  3. Loved this post.
    And yes, I think this has been a time of transformation for many people. Each person goes through different processes. Keep doing what feels good for you & just avoid the negative comments.

    BTW – break the tradition of the so-call status you should have as an Asian Woman. Just be a knowledgeable, Good-Heart Woman 😉

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