Nishiki Market Experiences Before Covid-19

If you ever visited Kyoto, the Nishiki Market would be an exciting place of interest for visitors. The high ceilings of this market gave a feeling of spaciousness, even though the market itself was a bit narrow. It could become quite busy, as locals would come here to purchase authentic, locally-made delicacies.

One of the places that I arrived at was this small and compact “restaurant ” that was near the entrance. Barrels of shellfish, like oysters, clams and scallops were displayed at the front. Once you decided on what you wanted to order, a gentleman would help you choose from the barrel.

This place was famous for grilling fresh shellfish, right in front of the customers. Of course, you could order some alcoholic drinks there to go with your meal.

Besides grilling the shellfish, I just had to try the raw oysters there. Yes, it’s a risk, but my tastebuds just had to be satisfied!

As you walked through the market, there were many food stalls that sold treats, like these tempura prawns on a stick. However, customers were not allowed to eat and walk at the same time. Therefore, there were bar tables set up for people to finish their food before venturing to their next culinary adventure.

Barrels of local preserved delicacies were all over the market. You could also purchase some fresh sashimi right there at the market.

I was very fortunate to be able to visit before the Covid-19 lockdown. Because of Covid-19, I am sure that things maybe a bit different now…..

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