Ten Of My Favourite Feelings

Fun tags are a great way to get connected and get to know fellow bloggers!

Thank you, Jophiel, for this fun tag!! I absolutely love your banners and they happen to be my favourite ones too!

Check out Jophiel’s blog MeraK__Ib today!

Here are the ten of my favourite feelings!

1) I love flowers!

2) I enjoy both coffee and tea!

3) I miss chatting with my friends in person since this lockdown. So, reading the comments on the blog adds to the fun!

4) I listen to a lot of Pop music from Korea, also know as K-Pop.

5) I love to draw! During this lock-down, I have been doing one drawing a day!

6) I am learning Japanese right now.

7) Super cute stationary from Asian brands are my favourite.

8) Writing down my feelings has always been one of my ideal ways to express myself.

9) Food is like a culinary adventure. I know how to cook, but I prefer to try out the food more.

10) I love to smile!


I like Jophiel’s idea, so I used her banners as inspirations! You are welcome to talk about your own ten favourite feelings!

I would like to share this tag to anyone who leaves a comment! Just remember to leave a link to this blog post!

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