Fabulous Foods For Father’s Day

It’s been such a long while that we could gather as a family, even for small groups. We were all grateful that we could get together to savour some delicious food!

Our family had this tradition of visiting my grandparents’ resting place on special occasions to place some flowers and even hang out to “share” a bite of delicacies. This year, we brought along an Eco-grill to our picnic!

Flavourful Bites From Delivery And Pick Up

So many special dishes from so many restaurants for this Father’s Day…. I have never seen such a large seafood rice platter! The wagyu croquette was nice, but I liked the seafood more.

Due to Covid-19, our local amusement park and fair wasn’t going to be open this year. Therefore, some of the food vendors had put together some delicious take-out boxes for us to order!

This first half of 2020 had been extremely challenging. Therefore, I am extremely grateful that I am able to share so many scrumptious bites with my family.

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