Art Inspirations During My Quarantine

During this extensive quarantine, I am able to fully extend and practice my art. The first piece is inspired by Michael Godard, one of my favourite modern artists.

“Michael Godard is known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World” and global top selling artist! His world of art invites us to see his lighthearted perspective, surrounding us with animated olives, grapes, and dancing strawberries.” —-

At the beginning, I didn’t even leave the house for a walk. When I finally did, I was inspired to sketch about nature and the blooms around our neighbor hood.

Window shopping was definitely out of the question. Visiting the shopping malls was out of the question. The malls had only opened back up just recently.

Motorcycles fascinated and shocked my emotions whenever I saw one. Ever watched “Kill Bill” with Uma Thurman? Oh, those motorcycle scenes were heart-pounding for me! But, no, my lack of bravery had prevented me from ever riding one….

For weeks, I missed ice-cream….. I recalled the days that I could just walk on the beaches, enjoying an ice-cream cone. All the dessert places that I loved were closed. They did mostly home delivery from they were open for business. Most were closed.

Personally, I never really played an instrument. Musicians who played string instruments, like the harp and the guitar, absolutely intrigued me. Some many things to remember!

As I played around on TikTok, I noticed these “penny boards”. During this quarantine, many of the users online were posting about these smaller skateboards. Some of these were very plain, but others were decorated with bright colours and designs.

This was the first year ever that our local fairgrounds were closed. No more amusement parks with their rides, games, and delicious food stalls! So sad…..

I wish I could see the future…. when will this ever end?!

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