A Quarantine Mom’s Triggers

“Just because you have tons of money and power doesn’t guarantee happiness….”

Image by Pexel

1) I constantly try to be open to new things. Hence, I love learning new languages, and taking many courses about social media. I may not be good at everything though, like taking photos. (I am more of an artist of pen and pencil).

2) I am not brilliant enough to help with the so-called academic courses for the children. So, yes, I am grateful someone else is able to keep track of those.

However, I am better at arts and languages, which some think is useless. However, these are still courses that I can help the children with….. Sadly, because the children hear that these are not as important, they tend to think that what I ask them to do is also useless… THAT TRIGGERS ME A LOT!

3) Just because I nod and not say anything at times may send the message that I don’t know anything, even when I already do. People get used to thinking I don’t know anything….

I have ten million things and ideas going through my head all the time. So much so that I am able to recall or even change and continue my dreams after waking up.

My lips can not keep up with my brain sometimes when I am excited or anxious… so I try to slow down.

That’s when those darn critics think that they are allowed let their mouth run….

Go ahead, as I will just stop sharing anything with those imbeciles!

Rant over! Thank you for listening….

What are your triggers during this time?

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13 thoughts on “A Quarantine Mom’s Triggers

  1. My trigger is when you have a partner that only wants you to serve him even when you are sick.
    Someone that doesn’t pay attention to see that something is not right.That you might die without sympathy or notice.It is scary.
    What triggers me is when you are taking time to say something because you don’t want to be misrepresented. And the assumption is that you don’t know it or you are slow.
    I hope that I made sense.Thanks.

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  2. “We all endured walks of dips into the fire and face the erosion of enduring the scorched earth. But each dip you take into the fire is testament of your will to execute your conviction into actions” E.O.S

    Some have endured far beyond words or visualization of comprehension others there is constant daily struggle day in and day out.

    I will tell you this from my own testament those that oppressed themselves and don’t choose to rise above will lay smouldering on the ashes of ruins.

    Those that say I Fucking MATTER ” Will rise as Phoenix from the ashes of ensuffering and soar to levitate to the highest peak of the mantel.

    #StayStrongStaySafe Chocoviv




  3. My triggers are endless bad news and the fact that no one in my house seems to understand that any towel could ever be used more than once or that you should ever hang it up so that second use is possible. Good gravy, people!

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  4. Arts and languages are immensely valuable! Seriously, I can think of so many situations where I wished I could sketch as accurately as you do for my work and for personal enjoyment. Also, it’s ironic that people act dismissive of language skills when being bilingual or multilingual is becoming an increasingly sought-after job qualification.

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