Happy First Blogversary

Today is my Lifestyle Blog’s first blogversary!

I completely forgot about it until I saw the wonderful messages on LinkedIn! Thank you to all my subscribers for the support and love. It means so much to have likeminded folks to exchange comments and thoughts.

When I first began this blog, I only planned to use it as an outlet for my creativity. After one year, it has grown so much! To many more moons to this lovely project!

What have you been working on this past year?

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70 thoughts on “Happy First Blogversary

  1. Congratulations!

    I’ve been working on the same thing as always: trying to survive. 2019 was a complete crap show for me, and that has made 2020 all the more difficult to deal with. I’m still trying to write when I can, though.

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      1. I was just looking forward to being able to enjoy life again with the end of basketball season, the start of baseball season, fair-type events I always look forward to in April and July (actually, the April one is the Spring Picnic that I’ve written about on my blog), and a concert I was going to in May… and then all of that was taken from me. My work was also thrown into chaos; believe me, I’m glad to have a job, but it’s a lot harder and more frustrating and less effective to be working from home. And there’s some other stuff too that I’m not comfortable sharing yet. Sometimes I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to take this…

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      2. I was suppose to go to this concert that I have been looking forward for years too. Camping is out the door for now… it’s tough being at home when others are working ….

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  2. Happy Anniversary 🙂

    So I have a quick question: what is the #1 awesome thing you have learned from this 1-year blogging experience? I always like to learn from other people’s experiences.

    Take care!

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