Art Inspiration: Siamese Fighting Fish

I used to own one of these fishes as a teenager. These fishes can only be by themselves. If they see another one, they will fight!

During these tough times, be like this fish and keep fighting!


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13 thoughts on “Art Inspiration: Siamese Fighting Fish

  1. They’re also called Betta’s in Germany and they’re very popular here in the fish tank community. Too sad that so many people don’t know the fact you mentioned, that they don’t go well together. But I am glad that our stores usually teach people before buying. But there are bad stores out there where they would still sell to the customer even if the customer plans to add several of them. It’s a pity.

    I had a fish tank too many years ago. My favorite fishes have been Mosquito Boraras, I had them in a small tank but only a swarm of them with no other species because they’re so small that I was afraid that the bigger fishes would eat them…

    Big fishes were in my bigger tank. I had Siamese Algae Eaters and I loved them…

    And Harlequin Barbels were in the tank too but I have no photo of them.

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