Reblog Feature: Gardening For Therapy Part 2

Happy Mother’s day!!

One of my reasons for writing a 2 part blog post about gardening was to lead to Mother’s day and emphasize the necessity of us moms do something that gives us pleasure. As moms, most of the time, we put the well being and happiness of our children and everyone else before us. This comes naturally to us, and it was vital when we were cavemen but not so much nowadays. The more we take care of ourselves, the more we can take care of others and be present for them. So be kind to yourself and find something that makes you feel good and energized. Mine is writing in my journal and meditating every day.

Gardening is another way for me to calm myself and connect with myself and nature.

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7 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Gardening For Therapy Part 2

  1. I can confirm that mint takes over if given a chance. We’re trying to rein in mint that has escaped our yard and looks like it’s intent on conquering the wild invasive plants. I’m not sure how to stop it. 😞

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