Hiding Behind A Positive Facade

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I am good at hide and seek games.

It’s been over a month now, quarantined at home. Constantly reading about how life was tough for those working outside or at home, I felt guilty for staying at home and not working. Therefore, I decided to hide my sadness, and anxiety behind a facade of positivity.

To be honest, I have been living like this since I was a child and definitely my entire life. I understood that I was fortunate to have all my basic needs of life. So, I loved to look at the positive sides of things.

However, I was getting laughed and ridiculed at, for being overly positive!

People began to think of me as a joke. Sadly, no matter how I tried to explain my positive outlook, I was being called unrealistic and “had my head in the clouds….”

Each time I fought to stand up for my beliefs, someone would fight even harder to destroy my hopes and dreams.

“You need to prepare for the worst!” was their reasoning. To a certain extent, I agree.

Because life itself is constantly changing…..

And furthermore, I have hope in humanity….

But for now, I just need to empty those tears into the ocean!

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3 thoughts on “Hiding Behind A Positive Facade

  1. Oho, that’s really sad to hear that you’re quarantined for one month. It’s indeed much time and so though to think. I’m also quarantined for 14 days, today is 7th day. Best wishes to you Chocoviv.


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