Narita’s Anime Deck

If you are into Japanese anime, you should visit Narita International Airport’s Anime Deck!

As I was rushing to board my plane for home, I quickly went to the Level 2 Central Building, at Terminal 2. There was a large mural of some popular Japanese anime on one side of the wall and shops on the other side. These shops sold everything that was related to these anime characters. Too bad that I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get to spend too much time there.

Have you ever watched any of these anime series yet?

It’s definitely time to start!


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4 thoughts on “Narita’s Anime Deck

  1. I sometimes wonder how the average Japanese citizen feels about their entire culture being condensed into Anime by the western world. Lol. I’m a lax Anime fan myself so don’t take that the wrong way… it just seems to be the only thing most people know about Japan. If everyone in Europe thought that I listened to country music I’d be mildly annoyed. Haha!


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