Reblog Feature: Is Pandemic Easier On Ecofriendly Lifestyle?

Earth day is upon us. I think this is the first time in many years that Earth is getting what it deserved. Kind of a break from us. Due to COVID 19, a lot of countries put a restriction on travel and advised people to stay home. That means less gas emission, which already proved to be helping the planet with self-healing. I know pandemic was easier on me with my eco-friendly lifestyle. The question is are we, in general, creating more garbage with all these online deliveries and packaged food that we would not buy otherwise.

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3 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Is Pandemic Easier On Ecofriendly Lifestyle?

  1. I do feel bad about the amount of packaging I’m throwing away from takeout right now, but I also want to support local restaurants. 😓 I’m trying to also make several meals a week from scratch and ask restaurants not to give me straws or other extras that I don’t need.

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    Thanks for sharing this article.

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