Easter Day In Quarantine

Happy Easter!!

One of the sketches of this week was this Easter basket that I did a few days ago. Normally, I would take the children out for Easter egg hunts during the Easter weekend. But, not this year…. we only walked around the block.

The sun was out and the neighbourhood felt surreal. None of the businesses were open, except for one grocery store. All the cafes and restaurants were closed.

Life slowed down for many of us. My creative side poured out of my soul. I was allowed to stop and admire the beauty of nature around me.

Being rushed from one task to another by both work and home really drained and sucked the life out of me. Personally, I really needed a break from the insanity of modern life.

What did you do on this Easter weekend?

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17 thoughts on “Easter Day In Quarantine

  1. I wrote a new blog post. Other than that, I did nothing. I sat back and watched from a distance as various higher-ups at my work argued over how to handle everything being closed. And now that the dust has cleared, I was starting to feel like I had direction, but now I’m just panicking and thinking about how I don’t want this anymore and I would give anything to get out of this never-ending hell that my life has become.


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