Netflix Movie Review: Life Of The Party

Image Courtesy of IMDB

Social distancing had got me really missing my friends. I missed being surrounded by my gal friends! Melissa McCarthy often tickled my funny bone with her outrageous and fierce roles. I just had to watching this one.


The instant Deanne and her husband, Dan, dropped off their daughter, Maddie, to her college dorm, Dan announced that he wanted a divorce. He was having an affair with their realtor. What was Deanne going to do with her life?

She had given up finishing college when she got pregnant. One more year and she would have graduated…. Hmm, maybe it’s time to go back and finish it!


1) When one door closes, another door opens: When it seemed like her whole world was turn upside down, life slowly began to fall into place. There was hope!

This movie was perfect to watch at this time. After being laid off and staying at home, there was a sense of loss and sadness at first. Now, as we heard about the numbers of cases at home was flattening, it was a good thing.

2) Mother-Daughter Bond: Traditionally, mothers were seen as a source of embarrassment to the daughter. Mom was never cool enough. However, as time went by, things began to change.

As a mother of a tween daughter, I am glad that we are able to maintain a rather fun relationship. She sometimes complains that I am the teenager! So, I tell her to chill out…

Yay Or Nay

It’s an absolute hilarious movie with some mature content. However, overall, I enjoyed it greatly with the whole family, even though it wasn’t a family movie.

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