COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

This COVID-19 virus really got nasty. Although I should not be surprised, it still seemed so surreal. After spending 20 years at my job as a certified natural health specialist and sports nutritionist, I was told that I was laid off.

That was it. Go home and send in your final hours.

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Working Amidst COVID-19

Watching so many businesses close their doors for the next two weeks to protect their staff and customers was the norm. Some businesses even paid their staff to stay home for those two weeks.

Honestly, up till today, I worried about going to work each time. I had to take the public transit and must be conscious when dealing with clients at work. But, I knew that my knowledge was helping people with their mental and physical health.

Ultimately, I will miss chatting with my clients about their colon health and skin health. I will miss those wonderful clients who would thank me for cheering them up and making their day better.

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50 thoughts on “COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

  1. Oh my lovely, you are quite right…this virus is hitting society hard. Intriguing that your job didn’t just give you the two weeks off to see if things would subside. Hopefully you’ll just be able to reapply and get back on like most places are doing with their staff. Stay positive and stay cautious, and things will be alright. New doors are adorned with every smile formed.🌹

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  2. So sorry to hear about your current work situation. I would advise you to start networking and doing research on where you can apply for a new job even though a lot are still on lock down so that once things are now starting to open, you are already ahead of the game. Also apply to those places that do give hazard pay in a crisis like this than those places that just lay you off. I hope your now previous employer gave you some severance pay. If not,start applying for EI .

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  3. When this virus subsides, and it will, businesses will have a sudden and pressing need for skilled employees to help them with the pent-up demand. When that happens, look for your current employer to clamor to win you back. Unfortunately for them, there’ll be lots of competition for your services by that point.

    We’ll get through this, Vivian!

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that! I’d heard of people in food service getting more or less fired, but I never thought this would hit people in the health services as well. I’ll keep you in my thoughts with hope that when the crisis subsides, you find many employers seeking your skills.

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  5. Omg every cloud right? I follow your blog and I think you’re fab so I’m sure you will bounce back from this even stronger (like the economy – lol..)

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  6. Hi! Sorry to hear about it. These are tough times and positive reinforcements come a long way. Stay strong and safe during this trying time. Will pray for a good opening to come your way.

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