Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

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Many of us are familiar with the character with the name of Count Dracula. Who was Count Dracula? What was his story?

This was his story…..


This series began with a doctor who was invited to meet with a rich Count and to live with him in a grand castle in Transylvania.

As a guest, he was intrigued with the Count’s stories of his travels and experiences. The Count seemed harmless and fragile, but soon, he noticed that the Count was getting younger and stronger? How?

Image Courtesy of Netflix


1) Life Is Precious: Count Dracula was educated and intelligent. He would only choose victims, whose life experiences were invaluable to him. For example, he wanted to learn certain languages, he would look for a victim with that skill. Yes, life was precious….

2) Find Your Match: Meeting the nun, Van Helsing, he found his Ying to his Yang. She was just as smart and brilliant as him! He told her everything that he knew and she would ask the most intriguing questions! Even after 500 years, he would still be able to find similar traits in her descendants.

Yay Or Nay

At the beginning, there were some slower parts, like a documentary. However, I really enjoyed the historical stories that Count Dracula told that had historical significance. He was witty and had a sense of humour.

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16 thoughts on “Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

  1. I liked the 1st episode the most. The 2nd and 3rd seemed very similar to Sherlock and other British thriller shows. But 1st one had a lot of humor, and gave nods to Dracula’s history. Great show overall.

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